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our origins


Computer Hardware Servicing, later to become CHS Technology, or just CHS, was officially started June 17th 1987 when David Goad filed the papers in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. Married for just 8 months and with a child on the way, David worked for a small computer repair company full time, and was a part-time instructor at Moore-Norman Vo-Tech. Back then, he had started to check out the Small Business Office at Tinker Air Force Base, and had learned how to bid on work at the base. The first job the company did was to fix a hard drive for a Honeywell Level 6/DPS minicomputer. The term “minicomputer” is somewhat of a misnomer, because the hard drive was the size of a small washing machine, and the whole system had its own room and air conditioner. David and his helpers loaded the drive onto a pickup truck, and they took it to David’s garage. There he worked on it, and found that the filter capacitors in the power supply were bad. It turned out they were specially manufactured for this drive, and impossible to get. So he called the manufacturer, and finally got through to a guy on the manufacturing floor. He was told that although that cap was no longer made, there were a box of them still there, and they sent them to CHS (no charge) just to get rid of them. Once they arrived and were installed in the drive’s power supply, he turned it on and it worked. They took it back out and hooked it back up, and their first job was a success.

CHS continued to bid on work at Tinker AFB, and slowly grew. They started to work on PC’s that customers brought in from the street, and gradually shifted to that from the old minicomputers. They began to manufacture and sell PC’s, and started to bring in more of the commercial business, rather than the residential customers. They became partners with Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Lenovo, and others. They provided advanced IT services to their small business customers.

Today, David is still the President and owner of CHS Technology. They continue to provide the same level of personal attention and quality service that they became known for so long ago.

who we are

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CHS Technology provides a one stop shop for small business technology needs.

We provide a complete solution that includes sales and service for servers, networks, voice over IP telephony, unified communications, virtualization, off-site backups, disaster recovery, printers and multi-functions, cloud services, and PC’s and laptops.

The latest technology can be expensive. Providers tend to give preferential treatment to larger companies. Small business needs to do more with less. We have the knowledge and experience to work out a complete system that meets your needs and stays within your budget. We have the skills to solve problems and keep things running. You can’t afford to be down. Your network matters.

We provide what small business needs. As an Intel Technology Provider Gold Partner since 1997, and an active Microsoft partner since 1995, we have extensive knowledge and experience in providing the best server products and solutions for SMB clients. As a VMWare partner, we also provide virtualized server solutions for production, disaster recovery, co-location, and cloud services, as well as terminal services and virtual desktops.

Your network matters. Today there are many different types of devices vying for network resources. Separating public access from your private network, managing BYOD and remote access workers, enabling wide area application services for branch offices, managing intrusion detection and prevention, advanced firewall appliances, URL filtering and monitoring, convergence of technologies, unified threat management, and five nines uptime require the kind of knowledge and experience that CHS Technology is known for. As a Cisco partner since 1998, we have helped in the design, selection, installation and deployment, monitoring and maintenance of our clients.

Considering a new phone system to take advantage of emerging technologies? CHS Technology partners with leaders in the IP telephony field. For smaller offices, we partner with AT&T to offer the outstanding and full featured AT&T Synapse SMB system. For larger and more complicated installations, we partner with industry leader Avaya to bring the IP Office phone system solution to our clients. Regardless of your needs, from 1 phone line to multiple PRI’s to SIP trunking, we have your solution.

CHS Technology partners with Lenovo, the company that acquired IBM’s PC unit in 2005, to sell the ThinkCenter, ThinkStation, and ThinkPad line of PC’s, workstations, and notebooks. These well engineered systems reduce the cost conscious SMB consumer’s total cost of ownership by combining the best service in the industry with the highest quality product. For the few times the customer might require service, it is easy, quick, and reliable.

Our customers need a variety of choices for their printing/faxing/copying and scanning requirements. We cover those needs by partnering with Brother, Lexmark, Fujitsu, and Xerox. Brother products are inexpensive, and they use separate toner and drum. This saves the client money by not having to replace the expensive drum unit each time toner is replaced. Their toner is bio-degradable. For higher printing or multifunction volume requirements, the obvious choice is Lexmark. Their well-earned reputation for quality and reliability keeps the costs of printing down. For the largest volume offices, Xerox WorkCentre and color printers are our choice. For strictly scanning, we partner with Fujitsu to bring a wide range of solutions to the table, including the popular scansnaps.

CHS Technology has partnerships with many other vendors, providing the necessary depth to our portfolio of products and services in order to completely serve our client’s needs. We build relationships with our clients over time, and most consider CHS Technology to be trusted advisors for their technology challenges.